IRIS Design Lab: Interdisciplinary Research in Sustainable Design
  • Consideration Recovery from Acceptance Crisis
  • Build Product Visual Cues
  • Optimization for Product Consideration
  • Design Context for Trust
  • Modeling Decisions for Increased Solar Adoption
  • 'Telepathic' Water-Saving Faucets
  • Team Ideation on Sustainability

Non-compensatory Consumer Behavior in Vehicles Purchases

Masters Student (2016): Michael Erickson   View related poster

Product Body Shapes, Not Features, Provide Fast and Frugal Cues for Environmental Friendliness

PhD Student (2016, Iowa State University): Ping Du   View related poster

Consideration and Product Portfolio Strategy

PhD Student (2016, Iowa State University): Minhua Long   View related poster

Design of In-car Context to Assist in Trust Development for Autonomous Driving Systems

PhD Student: Ting Liao   View related poster

Modeling the Interrelated Impact of Design Decisions, Industry Adoption Incentives, and Government Policies on Solar

Undergraduate Student: Kelley Gomez   View related poster

EAGER: Using Learning Algorithms to Morph Product Behavior for Specific Task Contexts and Cognitive Styles of Users

Masters Students: Hala Al-Khalil and Naren Ramaswamy   

Team Ideation on Sustainability

PhD Student: Dylan Moore